Mother Margaret Turner would come before the Lord in prayer reverencing Him as her Father and would say, “Lord, it’s me again,” “It’s Margaret, I called you early this morning and I called you late last night.” Lord, It’s Me Again!”

Mother Margaret Aline Bond Turner was born in Haywood County to Mary Lou Green and J.C. Bond on August 13, 1938.  She was the second of three children; Alvis, Margaret, and Mamie.  She was a graduate of Carver High School in Brownsville, TN where she had been a homecoming queen.

She married Philemon Turner, Sr., on March 30, 1957, and to this union six children were born.  She was always busy and looked for ways to help the family.  She went to barber school and became quite good at the skill and cut hair for years.  She worked as a cashier and really loved her job as a school crossing guard at Lester Elementary and later Melrose High School in the 60’s and early 70’s.  While these jobs allowed her to help bring in extra money, they also enabled her to be home with the children.

During the time when Bishop Turner attended Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Mother Turner was a member of Pentecostal Temple COGIC where she served on the usher board.  They both joined in Holiness together at Greater Grace Church on Gleason Street, Memphis, TN.    When that church closed, they went to other churches and helped these ministries in any way they could including being janitors, because they saw a need.

When Bishop Turner told her that God told him to “Go Home,” she said to him, “if God was sending you home then He was sending me home to be with you.”   As God plan was revealed,” they worked together side by side to build the ministry that God had given unto them.  As the ministry grew, Mother Turner was more fervent in her prayer life.  She was used mightily by God to encourage, provoke, and exhort the people of God.

In 1994, Bishop Turner suggested to Mother to begin a meeting for the women five years after the National Convention had started. Mother Turner prayed and coordinated a plan to bring the women together.  The first annual conference was held in February, 1995, at the Garden Plaza Hotel in Jackson, TN.  Mother Marilyn Clark of Wings of Deliverance, Fort Wayne, IN was chosen as the Co-Chairperson to Mother Turner.  Mother Barbara Jones was the first conference hostess.  Mother Turner also organized the National Pastor’s Wives Executive Board and still today they hold their meetings at the Conference and at the National Convention.

Mother Turner was a prayer warrior. She was a teacher.  She taught her daughters first and then others how to be ladies and how to take care of their home and children.  Her life made an impact on many people throughout the United States.  She was a woman of keen insight, an exhorter and was also used in the gift of prophecy. She was known for her wisdom, compassion, solid counselling, and untiring love.

As a wife, she was submissive.  As a leader, and a woman of authority, she understood the order of women in leadership alongside the men of God.  God’s divine order was no small matter to her.  As a woman of excellence, she was graceful and humble. As a woman of prayer, she devoted and consulted the Lord in all things. She taught us to even pray for a parking space.  As a mother in Zion, she had the grace to rebuke, reprove, and correct and her approach did not offend.  She interceded on behalf of Bishop Turner and leaders, the congregations and counsel both men and women. She covered her husband and taught those that prayed with her how to cover a leader.

Her character was not artificial.  She never tried to imitate another.  Although her office as a leading lady was a seat of distinction, prestige, and authority; she walked among the highly esteemed, yet maintained the common touch.  Her mission was the way of the cross and at the feet of Jesus she stayed many nights laboring in prayer.  Mother Turner was a woman of faith.  Even on the last day of her life, she never felt that God had let her down.  God had indeed given her many gifts and the greatest of all of them was her love.

Mother Turner passed on to her family a lasting faith and life of prayer.  In her honor, her children honor to this day, the 6pm Saturday prayer that she started with the family.  No matter where they are at 6pm, as their phones chimes, they stop and pray for the family.  “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth”. John 1:4

Mother Turner would say on many occasions, “Let’s see what the Word says about it.”  “I’m not one to just get up before the people of God and speak.”  “I want to know what God is saying to His people in this hour.”  She was a prolific speaker in her own right. One of her most profound messages that burns in the hearts of those that heard her was “The Compelling Call” at the Founder’s Day Celebration of the Lord’s Tabernacle Bible Institute on May 16, 2004.

Mother Turner transitioned to her reward Tuesday, December 27, 2005, at approximately 7:40 p.m.  She was adored as the First Lady of the Lord’s Tabernacle Holiness Church and the National Mother of the Lord’s Tabernacle Fellowship Ministries.