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Meet our Presiding Bishop

Bishop Philemon Turner, Sr. is the presiding Bishop of the Tabernacle Fellowship Ministries and Pastor of the Lord’s Tabernacle Holiness Church in Memphis, TN. He has been in ministry for over 35 years.  Under his leadership, the Lord’s Tabernacle ministry has expanded to include Prison & Street Ministries, Children's Church, Youth Department Programs,  Nursery, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling, a Christian Academy and the Lord’s Tabernacle Bible Institute were founded to provide Christian education for our children Preschool -6th grade, and those in ministry or preparing for ministry.


He is the author of "God’s Plan for A Successful Marriage" and "A Fresh Word from the Lord", volumes 1 & 2. He has traveled extensively across the U.S. ministering the Word of God and has traveled to foreign countries as Rome, Greece, Paris, Egypt, Israel and Africa.


He was married for over 48 years to Mother Margaret Turner and they were the parents of six children.  God saw fit to unite him in marriage to Lady Deborah Jones Turner in October, 2009 and the family is comprised of nine children, 25 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.


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